Scarlet Letter

nu et honteux

Bored out of my mind?

No friend or foe to acquaint self with
Maybe it’s just a pattern
That keeps us all the more puzzled
About the life we’ve chosen
A trajectory void of complaint
Here I stand out of mind
But holding still
No iota of doubt
That in the end
I’ll find my miracle


You love someone dearly, so much that you will and have done everything for them and even when they don’t ask you, you still go out of your way to make sure that everything is perfect for that person.

You wake up together every morning in the same house, you go out together; you are both seen as inseparable by people and you still come back to the house together.

Something is missing though, this person never speaks to you, doesn’t say thank you and forgets to say good morning or goodnight to you; in the person’s mind you are there and s/he is grateful but has become so busy and fails to tell you even when they mean to. You know this might be out of character because there are excuses and you have spoken about it, the person gives excuses and yet no change.

The only change is when in trouble, this significant person in your life runs to you and you help. You don’t stop helping. You love so much the thought of not helping never crosses your mind.

How do you feel about this?

Take a moment to reflect…



That is exactly what we do to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives. We ask them through songs, words to come in the house and tell them how welcome they are but in our actions we fail.

We have not failed to tell people that we are Christians but daily we get consumed by life’s mishaps. Relationships that are tedious, jobs, people we like and don’t love us in return, illness and the likes and we only remember our true Christian nature when we have an issue.

Look at the scenario I painted up, that is exactly how we feel when we are neglected especially when we know we love someone so much that the thought of losing that person hurts us deeply and yet we keep doing things even when the person never acknowledges our efforts.

We are loved by God, and He paid the price of His only son to save us. That son in return even with the weight and agony He felt, went willingly to the cross to die; and as if that wasn’t enough was weary of leaving us all on our own and had to send someone who will make life easier – The Holy Spirit. That is the most profound love of all I have felt in a long while.

Some of us are yet to experience this, we think we are okay with the clothes we bear and branded things we use. To us, it brings a sense of fulfillment but we know something is missing. There is a way to fill that gap and to make this possible, I will like you to say this prayer with me –

“Dear God, I know I have done you wrong and most times I don’t feel proud to acknowledge your love but I am willing now. Please help me. I accept Jesus as not just my Saviour but as my Lord too. I want Him to run the affairs of my life today and every day for the rest of my life. Thank you for this opportunity. I am grateful”

For those of us that have accepted him a long time ago. Please let us give regard to the Holy Spirit who will help us acknowledge God and Jesus in our lives.

God bless us all.

Willing Streamers…


Good to be back, finally got my mojo inspiration back. It’s been a while and getting nudges from different people have probably inspired me to write. Although, I do not know what to write about; my hands just keep doing tap tap tap on the keyboard.


Who says family is made up of just people who you are related to by blood, adoption or marriage. I beg to differ to this, I have met over the past months significantly important people who have shaped my views about life, corrected me, joked with me and literally cried with me; isn’t that the purpose of family really? It has been a worthwhile experience – Life is not absolutely cast in stone and knowing the kind of controversial nature that I possess, most times it is absolutely impossible to come out of my shell to just share my life with people.

This group of people have brought out imbedded values – so I can confidently say that they brought my inspiration back.

“To every thing, there is a time and season and a purpose under heaven”, the preacher said.

Love is…

Almost near impossible to achieve

The Creator’s creation

Sometimes a mirage in the eyes of the world

A task almost out of our reach

With fulfillment in its grasp

Strangers unite, form bonds

Mend brokenness and heal spirits

A time to hate, a time to love

Our time to love has come

The realization beaming in our hearts

A world you can run to, the arms of many now become one

There is nothing we can’t achieve

Together we have become a pulse

I love you willing streamers 15

Husbands May Not Force Their Wives into Biblical Submission

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Me in May of 2014 - full of the love, joy, peace and presence of God. Living in Him is SO much better than clinging to all my pride, self-righteousness, bitterness, unforgiveness, idolatry of self, idolatry of happiness, anxiety and fear!!!!!

Sometimes violent, ungodly husbands attempt to twist my words and the Bible to justify their sin and abuse against their wives. That is NEVER ok with me and I NEVER condone any kind of abuse or sin against anyone! (For a good definition of abuse, please check out this post.) When I see this kind of thing happening, I try to address it right away – which is what I am doing in today’s post. So, I am talking today about husbands who seriously threaten their wives’ lives or health or who do things like demand their wives worship them as God. This is the kind of “abuse” I am talking about right now. Very serious abuse. I want wives to know that this is not ever okay!

Scripture never commands husbands to violently force their wives into biblical submission and never permits or condones abuse or any kind of…

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I Didn’t Consent, But I Won’t Say I Was Raped

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Too often do we do find ourselves in the gray zone, the area between right and wrong, defined and undefined. Our generation is plagued with a fear of committing to a title. Sure, the obvious example that comes to mind is the ever present “not boyfriend” or “not girlfriend”. A not boyfriend is someone you sleep with regularly, spend time with sober, and possibly even go on dates with, yet neither of you are willing to define the relationship, keeping it casual. You remain in a constant state of unattached and attached. I wish that I could say boyfriends and girlfriends were the only thing that this “not” title applies to. Unfortunately I can’t. It applies to rape as well. I am a survivor of “not rape.”

Most feminists will automatically say if you think it’s rape then it’s rape, and as someone who defines herself as a feminist I…

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Good People

Originally posted on eurekanaija:

I noticed when you joined the queue, you both wore suits and I wondered if you were married. I wondered where you worked. Idle thoughts, I was more concerned with getting a seat on the 7pm Aero flight to Lagos. It was the last flight out of Port Harcourt with free seats.

My heart sank when, after almost 20 minutes on the queue, the Aero teller announced that the POS machine wasn’t working. I’d have to pay cash.

I didn’t have any cash . I heard you mutter that you didn’t have any cash either. This was 5:20.

I made my way to the ATM, to the queues that dragged. I was number 7 on one queue; fifteen minutes later, you joined the other queue.

My GTB card did not work. 20 minutes on the ATM queue, and my card did not work. I stepped off the queue. You asked…

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The Beggar’s Handout


This made so much sense. I hope c1kko and the author don’t mind my reblog

Originally posted on cikko's lair:



Ours is a society where begging has been transformed into an art form. I am not quite sure how it evolved, but here’s my two cents: our Nigerian brethren put a thinking cap on their gifted criminal minds and decided to put a spin on the value our religions place on giving to the poor and our brothers’ keeper culture and gave it a whirl. They took what was hitherto considered a demeaning cop-out and made of it a profession, a proud one at that, which many now jostle to belong to. And they didn’t quit there. They threw out the boring, and dare I say, uninspiring practice of sitting quietly in a corner, being visible just enough for people to take notice of and toss a few coins in…

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The Teacher 12

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 12 of The Teacher Series. If you missed any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


– Greg Emuze


4:50am; Sat.

Tari got out of bed at the sound of his alarm. It had been a long week and finally the last work day was here. The guys from Mozambique had a 7pm flight back home. With this phase going so well, he was sure they were set for the next phase of the project – actual collaboration. For this reason he was excited, and strangely he heard himself hum “Tapout” as he worked out. He got his phone from the bed, returned to his exercise mat and scrolling through his music for the song, he found it, strapped his phone to his arm, put the earphones in his ears and put the song on repeat…

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