Good People

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I noticed when you joined the queue, you both wore suits and I wondered if you were married. I wondered where you worked. Idle thoughts, I was more concerned with getting a seat on the 7pm Aero flight to Lagos. It was the last flight out of Port Harcourt with free seats.

My heart sank when, after almost 20 minutes on the queue, the Aero teller announced that the POS machine wasn’t working. I’d have to pay cash.

I didn’t have any cash . I heard you mutter that you didn’t have any cash either. This was 5:20.

I made my way to the ATM, to the queues that dragged. I was number 7 on one queue; fifteen minutes later, you joined the other queue.

My GTB card did not work. 20 minutes on the ATM queue, and my card did not work. I stepped off the queue. You asked…

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The Beggar’s Handout


This made so much sense. I hope c1kko and the author don’t mind my reblog

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Ours is a society where begging has been transformed into an art form. I am not quite sure how it evolved, but here’s my two cents: our Nigerian brethren put a thinking cap on their gifted criminal minds and decided to put a spin on the value our religions place on giving to the poor and our brothers’ keeper culture and gave it a whirl. They took what was hitherto considered a demeaning cop-out and made of it a profession, a proud one at that, which many now jostle to belong to. And they didn’t quit there. They threw out the boring, and dare I say, uninspiring practice of sitting quietly in a corner, being visible just enough for people to take notice of and toss a few coins in…

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The Teacher 12

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 12 of The Teacher Series. If you missed any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


– Greg Emuze


4:50am; Sat.

Tari got out of bed at the sound of his alarm. It had been a long week and finally the last work day was here. The guys from Mozambique had a 7pm flight back home. With this phase going so well, he was sure they were set for the next phase of the project – actual collaboration. For this reason he was excited, and strangely he heard himself hum “Tapout” as he worked out. He got his phone from the bed, returned to his exercise mat and scrolling through his music for the song, he found it, strapped his phone to his arm, put the earphones in his ears and put the song on repeat…

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The Teacher 11

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 11 of The Teacher Series. If you missed any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


– Greg Emuze


10:03am; Tues.

Tari put his phone away. It was refreshing to be out on the field again, working on a client’s site. His mind was however in a turmoil. He had just left a 3rd message on his brother’s phone saying who it was and asking for a call back. He didn’t know why he bothered though, it was obvious Simon didn’t want to reconnect with him after all the years. He thought back and tried to remember the last time they had seen, they had been boys then. Their dad had gone into transport business, buying two buses with his severance pay and savings and had surprised everyone by growing his fleet to over 20 buses…

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On Letting Go…On Moving On

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Life is unpredictable.

Yes, that is my big revelation. After 27 years trying to understand it, this is what I have found; life is unpredictable.

Love is unpredictable.

I was having a conversation today about letting go, and someone (who has played a fatherly role in my life for as long as I can remember) said I love too passionately. He went further to emphasise that he didn’t think it was necessarily a bad thing, but it just meant that I’d find it much harder to grasp the concept of moving on.

Moments after, I am left wondering what “loving passionately” even means. Is there a way to love less than passionately? How does one love that way? Can we even call it love if it wasn’t passionate? Call me naïve…

Eventually, you have to cut your loses, no matter how painful. You have to look yourself in the…

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The Teacher 10

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 10 of The Teacher Series. If you missed any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


– Greg Emuze


2:33pm; Sun.

June was woken by the ringing of her phone. She had dozed off watching TV on the couch in their living room. She looked at the screen and hissed as she silenced it. It was some dude from her University days she’d run into a few days ago on her way from the radio station. The man she needed to speak to had not called. It was an eventful date they had yesterday. She had gotten a 6-pack of ginger beer, a bottle of Vodka and some lime on their way to his place. She’d also gotten take-out food which they ate at his place. Noticing the pool serving the block of flats was empty…

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I haven’t pressed in a while, not like there’s nothing to say – I think I just got to the level of letting it all pass, swallowing it up and moving forward to another day. I know it’s cliché for most writers to let their beginning line after long periods to be “sorry guys I’ve been out of touch” or like I started with but somehow I think we feel a sense of responsibility to all who take out time to read us especially since we are not gossip bloggers like the likes of Linda Ikeji or the infamous article/real life/short stories blog – nakedconvos etc.
A lot of us, I inclusive share a bit of ourselves every time we have to pen down not because we cannot create short amusing works of arts but, just because we have decided to let our lives be the lessons we need to portray, we decide to be judged by baring it all out than the intellects we may or may not pen down.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, especially in regards to relationships with people, same and opposite sex alike;  I’ve come to realise that I still have a lot of learning to do – I used to pride myself in being selfless but these days I seek to expose myself. I feel as if I’m living one big fat lie and one day everyone will ask me to fess up. I see the selfish bit of me, the uncaring and unreasonable person I can be and I’m wondering to myself, am I ready to share my life with someone else;  it’s not just my opposite sex relationships that brought this on, but same sex relationships still leave me with questions.
Am I really a Christian enough to know right and wrong? How do I know I’m really as good as I think, or people claim that I am. I have a lot of these questions forming in my head.
I’ve realised that every relationship I have, I have been blessed with. It is not my right to claim that I did it on my own or I am entitled to it. Everything is an added blessing like my career, laughter, health. So many things, what if it gets taken away. I am grateful;  at least it keeps me grateful.
I am getting to that point where I get satisfied with all I’m getting without asking for more, asking why I don’t have this or that? Who says it’s my right to own them or have them? Who says I deserve them? The fact that time and chance happened to me doesn’t give me that right to brag. It’s just as it is – a lot of people have perfect lives yet are still not content.
I think the key thing here is learning contentment – which the good book says added with godliness is great gain.