Toluwalope’s Hallelujah

Toluwalope is … do you understand now? She is a real life-wire; you just have to like her. She is real and clowny with the pomp of a wonderful lady. Enjoy her thankful twelves.
1. I’m grateful I have life, health and the passion and ambition to do better and be better.
2. I’m grateful for a better relationship with God and an opportunity to serve. This has helped me to be more accountable for the life I’ve been given.
3. I’m grateful for the friends that came as perks in my bid to serve God. There’s nothing as awesome as being surrounded by the kind of people you really want to be surrounded by. I must say…it had really reduced my trashy conversations to the barest minimum.
4. I thank God for my brother’s life. Up until mid this year, my family had sort of given up on him. He had been depressed and had been lashing out. I thank God that he has been able to find himself again.
5. I thank God for both my sisters that graduated this year. One from High school and the other from University.
6. I thank God for gradually helping me narrow my “man” options. I know you might not see this as a problem but it is; having too many options is not a good thing. I’m grateful for the supernatural ongoing sifting process; the shafts are falling off the wheat.
7. I’m grateful for my timely paycheck   (however little)… it’s sometimes too timely gan sef. Hehehe! Ambode is working!!                     
8. I thank God that this year, my Uncle slept in the Lord. Confused? Yea! Sometimes, when someone is in pain, death is the more acceptable option.
9. I’m thankful I think I have a new voice coach. Hehehe!   I’m looking forward to being saddled with musical responsibilities.
10.I thank God for health of my Dad, my Mum, siblings, friends. Health is wealth, we are wealthy. They are also enjoying protection and safety. Hallelujah!
11. I thank God for my current list of needs…it’s that of a person that is enjoying God’s faithfulness. I believe in him that even those will be met.
12. I thank God for the grace to count my blessings and Tinu for bugging me till I did. Praise God!!!


1 Comment

  1. wow!really inspiring and interesting, we can’t have enough to God cos He keeps surprising us,nice blog Tinuola


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