Olumide says “Thankful’15”

Our first thankful heart is Olumide a.k.a AkJames – He has been one of the few great people I have met this year. He is gifted especially at rap, and a delightful young man. He is letting us in with an excerpt on how his year has been.

Looking back over the year, it’s been a challenging one, some good, bad, and ugly moments that’s made it memorable… am thankful for

  1. Life: God, is the giver and protector of life, gave me another year to live and am thankful for my birth and everyday. I sleep, and wake up in good health, no sicknesses, diseases, no drugs except for the Paracetamol, for slight headaches, and pains, fatigue from work. Some started this year with me, and are long gone. I am not better than them and do not take God’s protection for granted. #Life
  2. Family: They have been very supportive in my low times, when I wasn’t doing good and I love them. My Mum, Sisters, and brother. #Blood
  3. “Just Us” Friends: Thankful for the quality of individuals am blessed with… we just found one another, and somehow, we are all connected in our hopes and dreams, when I think about “US” I have “JUST” this big smile rooted in happiness. #JU
  4. Bank: I am not the richest, but I have enough to meet my needs and thinking of 2015, been my lowest in terms of earnings, I am thankful. #cash
  5. Healing Streams : I am a Christian , and worship at Daystar Christian Centre where the healing streams of God is the choir arm of the ministry. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in this unit, and how it’s kept me closer to God. #HSOG
  6. Wedding : Weddings are blessings!!! Though I’m Single, it feels good to have a sister married and expecting… I stood in-line for my late dad #Bloodline
  7. Mistakes: Thankful for mistakes as am not perfect, I learn from them and keep getting better. #issues
  8. Education : Thankful for my brother graduated this year and away serving… #Legacy
  9. Crossroads : Thankful for decisions made at crucial moments… #truth&Consequences
  10. Happy AK : it’s been my most happy year, I just can’t be sad! The smiles keeps getting bigger. #AK_happy
  11. RAP : I got back my music life, and amazingly developed a rap flair! That’s a beautiful feeling… I’m also in love with 3 Ladies and it’s really my greatest mystery as I can’t pick one over the other … #emotional
  12. Kindness of Strangers: Thankful am highly favoured!!!!!! I meet strangers who show me kindness. #Stephen


You can make a list of things you’re thankful for.

A grateful life is God’s Pet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Love you all




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