and, The Award goes to…


*strolls in, inserts see you again by WizKhalifa* so, how is it going? As you can see or soon yet to find out, I am highly dramatic and that is the exact scene playing in my head this moment as I write this.

I have had myself a splendid month – can’t go into so much but it has sort of taken me away from blogging responsibilities *blushes from guilty feeling* but I am back now. Honestly, truly, apparently.

I got nominated for an award – The Versatile Blogger award; yaay! it’s amazing to know that I am thought of that way. My friend Ameena, popularly known to me as Mush Pet nominated me because she thinks I am awesometastic… lol. although, there are rules guiding this.

I have to say 7 things about me and nominate 10 other people for this award, so here goes

Divinity – I believe in God for whom I exist, I believe in Jesus, The Holy Spirit and faith. I believe fear and faith have the same form/hold on a person, one is positive and the other negative – the one you choose to feed is the one that will serve you most.

Family – I love my family very much and they are too important to me. My boyfriend is family to me and his family is family to me. So, I will not joke with them.

I am a lover of the arts. Writing. singing, reading, drawing, dancing, creating etc. some just come more easily than others.

I love to pray a lot and then keep quiet a lot and talk to myself a lot too. It’s a soliloquy thing.

I am a child educator and I get to impact children and impart knowledge.

I love board games; chess, scrabble, monopoly, up words, ludo, draft etc.

I don’t always practice what I preach. I live life as it comes, make mistakes, sometimes judge, sometimes criticize but I am learning to shut up because I am a work in progress too.

Now down to nominees…

  1. I nominate Obinna, an upcoming writer and friend
  2. My friend Arike, an interesting writer who speaks from the heart
  3. A long ago friend Kovie, who I love dearly and writes bombshells
  4. Stephen, a friend that I admire his work

Sadly, I can only nominate 4 very wonderful writers who have made their mark on me. I believe very strongly in words imparting and writing is the soul on which words are built.

Lost? Search here

P.S: I will be writing on make up must haves and beauty regimes from time to time so stay tuned and keep liking and commenting.


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