Why Do You Love Me?


Happy New Year folks, it is going to be one amazing year I can tell. I’m sure a lot of goals have been set and I pray God helps us to make them become realistic – as you know it is always important to set SMART goals.

Y’all know my blog is a lifestyle/relationship blog right? Cool. So here I am coming to talk about something that got me easily depressed the latter part of the year. Decisions have been made though, I made sure I cleared those loop holes before I got into this year. I hate for things to fester.

I know some or most of us have seen FIFTY, the new buzz movie that is making millions go gaga in Nigeria at the moment and if you haven’t, you should. It is mind-blowing (in my own words).

There is something about movies for my dad, there always must be lessons learnt – he gets to ask you after each movie ‘What did you learn?’ and you must say something compelling; that has led me to always want to pick lessons from every movie I watch so most times I observe and if I have it within reach, I watch again to get the message to sink.

Now, back to my FIFTY reference – I believe we all have friends that for us have become blood ties and all. Then we get to make new ones and start the process all over again. My thought is why are some people’s crazy harder to handle than others – is it a special chemistry or what? Why make up your mind that all of a sudden I will stop paying this one any mind just because… I saw the friendship between Maria and the doctor and it got me thinking – when being friends with someone and that decision has been made, why not also accept all the crazy? Crazy is crazy I mean.

Friendship to me is kinship, soul ties, you know leaving an imprint of yourself in the heart of another. Remember the story of David and Jonathan (one of the greatest friendships of all time). You know someone will take your spot but you don’t fight it. Amazing!

My nasty habit was pushing people away but I decided to make an effort in 2015, I had an unwritten goal not to push anyone away so I got to grovel, blackmail, fight etc. to have people stay on in my life. Some worked, others didn’t and at times my best stance was the point I kept silent. I kept silent through the pain of losing a friend and being a pain in the ***.

Friendships are made for accountability, love, companionship; it is hard being lonely (some serious mind stuff). I want to deal with crazies this year but effortless crazies. We don’t have to beg to stay in each others lives. It isn’t hard to completely love another despite all the baggage they have – it hurts to turn away just because you don’t understand and you’ll rather leave. Families prepare us for this and no matter the amount of disowning, one can’t say you never belong when it’s all there in blood samples.

Love regardless. I intend to make some more friends (prayerfully though, enough wahala friendship) and love despite their crazy, I think good crazy even adds to the mix. What say you – why do you love?


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