Amina’s Milestones

Amina (Amy Mush Pet as I particularly love to call her), and I became close really fast, from her giving me recipes, sharing her life with me and even offering me a place to stay if I ever wound up in London. It is so easy to love her as she has a large heart but hides it under some sternness and gruffiness. I have come to love her person and her sometimes ‘tough love’. She is a mummy now – Yaay! Bolaji and her share the most beautiful and ever happy Adnan. I’m grateful for her friendship and I appreciate the time she took to write this. She is very straight to the point, abstract yet sincere but she leaves you captivated nonetheless. She blogs hereEnjoy thanking with her…


I can’t believe 2015 is about to come to an end… This year was the year I really believed in the phrase ‘time flies’. As humans we tend to change based on life experiences and I am thankful that this year, I was able to discover myself in ways I didn’t even know I could.

I have an awful lot of things to be thankful for…



Thankful for with you came new sanctuary

A new start with promises already fulfilled

New goals, dreams and aspirations

You brought with you endless possibilities

In you, I found new strength



Thankful for you were legendary

For laughter and constant joy

For good health and good friends

For family – them I shall be thankful for forever



Thankful for my partner – supporting me always like an arch



Thankful to God for being ever faithful

For all those beautiful flowers in spring



For in this month, I got remolded like clay

Thankful for another age

Second chances



Thankful for a new bloom

You welcomed with me

My patter of tiny feet

I’ll be eternally grateful

That you allowed me experience parenthood



Thankful for targets in my bull’s eye

For both my mums



Thankful for patience

For being able to function with little sleep



Thankful for the beginning of the embers

For completing ‘Cotton’

And starting off ‘Leather’



Thankful for my ever-growing family

To in laws who become brothers and sisters



Thankful for the little things

That my child always has a reason to smile

For giggles

Thankful for my child is able to meet milestones

For he is able to constantly challenging



Thankful for another year’s end

Because I know 2016 is a year for me

For self growth

To become a better version of myself – for my child

Thankful for life…


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