Eucharia is grateful

Euchy as she popularly called by almost everyone in Just Us is our Chief Inspector Esquire (lol). I like her cheekiness, it is refreshing and absolutely endearing, Love you too darling.

1. He is my all sufficient God. Even at the least point of losing hope he shows himself strong.
2. He renewed my strength like that of an eagle.
3. He raised my horn like that of the unicorn
4. I’m grateful for the gift of life
5. The gift of gratitude
6. He gave me good health and wholeness
7. Business ideas
8. Delivered me from the hands of one chance
9. Changed my Status (Lol, wedding bells are ringing again)
10. Every member of my house hold and friend of Just Us, friends, family and well wishers are not missing but are safe.
11. I’m thankful for fulfilling my destiny and everyday God unfolds himself to me.
12. I’m most gracious and grateful for the Salvation of my life and the power in the name of Jesus.
Thanks Tinu. You made me think and recount the goodness of God in my life. Love you much


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