I Didn’t Consent, But I Won’t Say I Was Raped

Thought Catalog

Too often do we do find ourselves in the gray zone, the area between right and wrong, defined and undefined. Our generation is plagued with a fear of committing to a title. Sure, the obvious example that comes to mind is the ever present “not boyfriend” or “not girlfriend”. A not boyfriend is someone you sleep with regularly, spend time with sober, and possibly even go on dates with, yet neither of you are willing to define the relationship, keeping it casual. You remain in a constant state of unattached and attached. I wish that I could say boyfriends and girlfriends were the only thing that this “not” title applies to. Unfortunately I can’t. It applies to rape as well. I am a survivor of “not rape.”

Most feminists will automatically say if you think it’s rape then it’s rape, and as someone who defines herself as a feminist I…

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