The Teacher 9


Hi, there.

This is Episode 9 of The Teacher Series. If you missed out on any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


– Greg Emuze


11:32pm; Sun.

Tari looked around as he stepped into the house. Dan had returned, the place was not the same way he’d left it. He stepped into Dan’s room, hearing the shower running, he called out. A female voice answered – “He’s on the balcony”. Tari considered saying “Thank you.” or something curt, but decided against it and left the room. The moment he drew the sliding door aside, the smell hit him. “’Sup?” Dan said. “I dey” he replied. “You look stressed.” Dan said, blowing rings into the night air. “I am.” Tari said sliding the glass door shut behind him. “Take the load off your feet, man,” Dan said, patting the cane chair…

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