The Teacher 7



Hi, folks.

This is the 7th episode in the series “The Teacher”. Do enjoy and, please, let me have your thoughts on it.


– Greg Emuze.


8:54am; Sat.

“Bad guy.” Dan said as Tari walked into the house. Dan struck a pose in his briefs, one of his camera’s hanging around his neck, while the girl he had come home with in the early hours of the day, took pictures of him with the other camera. Tari ignored him and headed to his room. He lay on the bed. June’s scent still lingered. He accepted the fact that he liked it, she smelt pretty amazing, felt amazing too. He’d only held back from taking things further last night because he didn’t want to come across like he was taking advantage of her. They’d had pizza and beer sitting on the balcony, gisting about life and stuff, catching laughs and looking…

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