The Teacher

This is a new series started by my friend, and relationship “expert” Greg. He is a prolific writer and y’all should follow his blog and his handle too @detonate – Be warned though, he thrives in suspense.


Hi, Folks.

This is the first episode of the series titled The Teacher. I do hope you enjoy it.

– Greg Emuze


She was a teacher. That was all.

All her dreams of working with a consulate, tours across Europe and other countries where  the languages she spoke so fluently were spoken had all kind of been frozen and locked away somewhere. Life had happened and kept happening. All that mattered to her now was staying alive, paying her bills and keeping her job as a language teacher in the Secondary School where she taught. The pay was decent, the kids were mostly well brought up and ambitious children of the very rich and she had the luxury of a staff quarters. She loved her apartment, it was quaint and had been furnished by the school. She had lived there alone for slightly over a year before June, her school-daughter from her days at…

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