Call Me “Small Mommy”


A friend’s mom passed away just a few days ago; and naturally- as you would assume and indeed expect any human being to feel about this- she is grieving.

..and it made me think: The cause of her grief..

No one ever really gives birth wishing to cause a beloved one grief.
No one ever really thinks about death when bringing forth life.
And yet, we start dying the moment we are the most alive: on the day we are born.
There and then starts the journey of life: the journey of discovering who you are, the journey towards death.

Now, her loss made me think..

It made me remember her background.
Her unknown, absent father.
Her search for identity.
Aspects of her lifestyle I vehemently disapproved of.
Her own worries and struggles I could not always understand or relate to.

And so, in an attempt to cheer her up…

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