#Grateful heart

Everyday is a day to give thanks for – in everything give thanks because this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you and me (1 Thess 5.18)
Today I’m thankful for:
♡ God in my life – without who I’m nothing
♤ Family – my backbones
☆ Friends that are trying so hard to stay in my life  despite my shortcomings – this is not to brag but I’m almost near impossible to get through to but the thing is my heart is in the right place.
♧ Heartbreaks – yeah lots and lots of that but it has made me stronger somehow. Still a cry baby though.
♢ Work/Career keeps me sane
♡ Internet,  I withdraw without it not that I can’t do without it. I just like to know it’s there
> God again, I can’t overemphasise this enough and for accountability partners



Hey you, I'm happy you are reading my blog. If you have any comment or advice, email me - tinuolaidowu@ymail.com

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