Mystery man

So. I was at the mall today with a friend of mine, Kemi – we had to queue up at some point, while gisting and minding our business I notice a guy who wore his shoes in a very silly manner.
My curious self was perked up and I was showing Kemi and wondering what the matter was with the guy – and she went “ask now”.
The history of Kemi and I is we are a crazy bunch; or let me rephrase that, I am the crazy forward one and she indulges my good crazy. I tapped the gentleman and asked him about his shoes and we struck a conversation. The bants were filled with explanations of how he had an emotional attachment to the shoes, and had had it for long and needed to get rid of them so he wanted to spoil them. My side of the argument was finding a solution by giving it out rather than spoiling a perfectly good pair (In my own opinion – I saw nothing wrong with the shoes because they looked a great pair), but I guess his mind was made up as he argued against and then we moved to other things.
At the end of the whole thing, he got my name but left without telling me his – call me silly but that thrilled me.
You see, because I write, my head is constantly filled with scenarios of how the future may play out and I love suspense and mystery in what I do. The anticipation always leaves me heady and excited. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet the guy again but I hope I do plus there’s something about having a random conversation with a stranger. It makes things very exciting.
It made my day and even though there’s no guarantee we will ever meet again, I know that some of my future tales will be full of the mystery guy that I met on a very fine day.



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