Saving Single Dude


Hi there.
I’ll like to touch on a subject that’s pretty rampant today. The fact that there are ladies, pretty and successful (or at least doing fine) ones who remain unapproached for far too long.
Let me assure you, guys also long for that heart connection with a special lady in their life time. Given that most other things a man can get in a relationship are cheaply or freely gotten, men everywhere still long for that special something with that special someone. So why won’t Single Dude approach that sweet lady he knows (yet fantasizes about her)?
Let’s treat 3 of such reasons.
#1. He feels zoned.
I mean, here is a hot babe who’s got her game going on, how can he ever be more than a friend, a casual acquaintance, colleague or a ‘brother’ to her? He assumes (most times, wrongly) that she has at least one…

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