No! It Can’t Be You.

I really liked this a lot. So… Enjoy it too


Hi, there!

For you all who have love going on hot, with elaborate and well-laid plans for this day, great! I’m jolly happy for you all. By all means, do have a blast. As for this post, feel free to stop reading now.

Now, for the folks who are not exactly in a relationship or you know the present one is not leading anywhere, come, let us reason together.

Each time I go to see a movie at the Accra Mall, there’s an advert that is always (I believe) run, along with a handful of others, before we get to the business of the day – the movie we paid for. The advert is for the biggest retail chain in Ghana (as they claim), and the main characters are a little girl and one of Ghana’s National Soccer team’s top scorers. He’s really popular and has a huge following. I’m Sure…

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