Be Approachable

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I would like to direct this post to the ladies. And if, as a guy, you get it or come across it, bear with me.

I believe there is something wrong when a lady goes about her daily business and chores, and in a whole week,  no guy comes across to say “Hi”, get her name and digits or something. She is not approached. Why? Because, i believe, she’s not very approachable. And, am sorry, but how do you end up with that dream man if he can’t approach you, for starters?  So, how does such a lady become more approachable? This question spun around in my mind for a while and i sought answers. I was able to come up with a few.

#1. Put Your Phone Away.

When in public places where folks strike up conversations, resist the urge to type or check your social feed on your mobile. It’s pretty…

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