The birth process is quite scary. I had the privilege of watching someone close to me have to go through sleepless night(s) all in the name of contractions and stuff.
I can’t do it. I mean I don’t think I have the strength to do it more than once.
Being prodded and pricked and hands in my vagina all in the name of checking dilation. Jesus, be a guide!
My husband has to be ready for the possibility of multiple births and not twins, triplets because I want three but having to pop babies out, one,  two, three times is not my forté.
I have told God – the standing joke at home is my small frame but my God is one of impossibilities that become possible. My story will be an ehen story. Omo kekere yen na… ehn
I am terrified of the thought of even getting pregnant now. I know I want babies born from my loins but all these things. Sigh.




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