Where my treasure is…

One of my loves inspired this post. Shout out to le Kov

Of intense love and heartfelt emotions,  cozing up on the sofa eating mummy’s best jollof rice and drinking malt…
Of food network, crime investigation, TLC and style…
Of jokes well thought out and laughs that leave you rolling…
Of invariables, daddy’s home coming and mum’s preparation…
Of fights,  days of scoffing and malice and reconciliation…
Peace, boli and epe, dundun, agbado and coconut…
Of character discussions during tinsel..
Homecoming is exciting,  home is inviting. House is dreadful – shared secrets and hugs and forced pecks 🙂
Teasing in the kitchen with the meal on fire,  food of love eaten with happiness
Heartfelt gifts and little gestures – harmless gossips of each other
Hands to love and guide and cherish – place of pride and pain felt together. All for one and one for all
Home is where the heart is…



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