I used to have a good reading culture. I miss those times; books like Time changes yesterday, The Drummer boy, Second Chance to name a few shaped my life and made me love art; and ever since I could remember I wanted to write something. So I usually scribbled little nonsense and be happy about it.

I read and read and read. I used to steal books from school friends to read. Lol, a certain book about a Bode Coker and a Pamela and a Lola made me want to marry a man who has a Coker surname (but Coker boys are hardly serious. Lol).

Books like Without a Silver Spoon shaped my value for integrity, and Ifeanyi and Obi made me afraid of ropes that could be snakes, and contentment as a whole. Solomon’s Certificate taught me the value of education. So many books still leave me feeling giddy till date – Bottled Leopard, Things fall Apart and some I can hardly remember their names but would love to read again.

Reading Ralia the Sugar girl in Primary 4 gave me such hopes. Books bring hope, and love and value.


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