Today was a really upsetting day. I felt really drained emotionally and that affected me physically. I could barely work/walk. I couldn’t bear it, I sat beside my friend and the tears just trickled down. I haven’t cried in a while – Don’t know I even had it in me anymore.

There are days like this but I haven’t felt it in a while – days that you feel the world closing in and your life fading. Thank God for Trinity; I was thinking today that my friend K has a special name for God, she calls Him Abba, and I had to chastise myself that despite my closeness with Him, all I saw Him as was His one name “GOD”. He’s beyond that and more, He’s my I AM… This translates into so many things but still one, it depicts Him as The One with so many sides – ever seen a prism, He’s so much more and still a lot. I’m grateful I cried today, it reminds me that my strength is not mine to own but His that is made perfect in me.


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