JOURS VINGT QUATRE: If you could relive ONE day of your life, what would it be? And would you change anything?

One day of my life… Lol.

I have too many days in my life I want to undo. Hmmm… One comes to mind. The day I told A I would come see him. It was a sweet sunny day and the fact that my little finger caught the door of the cab that day should have been enough to warn me of the impeding danger to my moral life and vow.

The fact that he didn’t even care that my finger got caught or showed even the slightest hint of sympathy should have told me he was a no go area. I was blinded though, by the fact that he could write and create words that sink into the deep crevices of your heart, and he sang and he was so deep. Be careful of deep guys. Lol. The many alarms went off in my head that day but I still stayed. It was my undoing.

If I didn’t stay, he wouldn’t have been my first. He wasn’t worth it and didn’t deserve it and right now I live with the fact that he made me a woman and shares my soul with me. It hurts but I’ve moved on; the soul ties may be broken but the thought still stays. I wouldn’t have left my house that day. I shouldn’t have.


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