JOURS DIX-NEUF: What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Something about me that people will be surprised to learn… hmmm, as opposed to the ordinary – I love art, it governs my thinking.

Art in whatever form; and expression:

DANCE: the fluid movement of the body, the poetic  gesticulations of all the parts in synchronisation. The rhythmic movement of the tiniest nerve. I watch dance and I’m transfixed, exhilarated – my valve and blood vessels pumping blood overtime; I also dance myself but I’m a bit shy. Lol

MUSIC: the sweet intricacies of notes, melodies, falsettos, the way the keys just jump off themselves. The instruments are another thing entirely – The drums, the guitar, piano… sigh; it’s indescribable, I’m so lost sometimes that I cry.

FOOD: let’s talk about the art that is food. I love love love my spices, love colours that can be carved to make a delicious meal. Mixing the greens with the reds and adding touches of orange, lemon etc – the sauté, purée etc – have you watched the fluid movement of diced items, or the slicing? How it metamorphosis into something excellent and surreal then the taste – the blend of the juices in your mouth, the aftertaste of the spices; the creation of new elements.

SPOKEN/WRITTEN WORDS: words are powerful, a little dot can cause an ocean of tears. It feels like all the four elements fuse together to form one. The current (water), the heat (fire), the human feel (earth) and the swiftness (wind). It isn’t possible to get such emotions anywhere else. I’m so grateful I can feel these and enjoy the moments that come with it.

So yeah, it may not be surprising but I am reiterating that I LOVE Art – because it’s pure, true, kind and justifiable.

Stay in God, peace, love, bisou, bisou


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