JOURS TREIZE: Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship

Day 12

Lol. How did I meet OO? Well for the sake of privacy, you will permit my use of his initials.

So, how did I meet him? Lol. Funny story there, flashback to the internship training of my current place of work; there was a conversation between my girlfriend and I; and like every normal convo between girlfriends, we talked about men and one thing led to another – my girlfriend said she would like to introduce me to a guy, that he was looking for a serious relationship and yada yada yada.

I gave her the go ahead to hook it up and then he started calling, and we started a roller coaster journey.
It’s been quite on and off for a while and very tedious. I get really exhausted just thinking about it. Owning up, I do like him a lot but for my sanity I try to stay away – the idea of a friendship between us doesn’t even seem to work. It’s just there and I’m comfortable letting it stay that way. I won’t go into the hoolabaloo of whether or not I think he likes me. I will just say it doesn’t seem like a good road to travel.

That’s that. See you Day 14, tomorrow’s post should be interesting I hope; fingers crossed.
Stay in God, peace, love, bisou bisou

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