JOURS SIX: Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”


I had the privilege of being in a meeting today where I met so many different people from different walks of life,  and that’s why I can say in no judgemental way that I totally agree with the quote.

Not because I have any misgivings but I have come to understand that in the brief moment where we have clarity to stay out of any relationship that may be detrimental to us, we make up excuses for one reason or the other to cover up the lapses. It isn’t like walking away is easy but it can be done. So deciding to stay in a bad relationship was a choice before it became a part of you.

I am not  exonerating myself from this because I’ve been through having to choose the particular love life that I wanted per time and I threw caution to the wind most times. If you choose something, that means you want it. It is called opportunity cost, you choose something in place of the other and you learn to live with your choice. A lot of people may disagree with this but this is my point of view. If you have a nudge and you are unsettled, you run.

All the opposite can be said about a good relationship but you still choose it irrespective.

So there’s my answer, see you on Day 7. Express you in the comment box.
Stay in God. Peace, love, bisou bisou

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