Listen Up!

This is a good read for the average man.


Hi, there!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago on communication. In that post (read here), I focused on communication from the speaking/transmitting side of things on the ladies’ part. In today’s post, I’ll be taking it from the guys’ end and focusing on listening.


Yes, maybe the ladies talk a little too much for your liking. Maybe you really have other ‘important’ stuff to focus your brain power on rather than listening to, and trying very hard to understand, while you pretend to be interested in her latest chatter/complaint/gossip or however you see it.

But if you do matter to her, even a trifle, she will tell you things. Its the way they are designed. They want to share with you (this is actually a good indicator as to how well things are going between you). And if you do take her seriously and value what…

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