JOUR UN: Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”

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Almost everyone I know have asked me this – some even answer it themselves with thoughts like “don’t you want someone?” Or “you’re choosy abi?” and so on…
Lol, well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, isn’t it? So, I just smile most times and answer “nothing”.
To be candid though, I have a lot of varied answers to this question but my outstanding answer is – “I’m loving and learning to be me”

I could have answered why not or asked those in relationships the point of being in one but I figured my being single is a choice I made some months back; and I’m learning to live it even though I have no inhibitions about being in a relationship, I just realised that I wasn’t ready for one at the moment.

I am a 25 year old young Black female – won’t say beautiful or pretty or all the other adjectives that may qualify my features because all these are relative. I summed up half of my relationship experiences as that of someone who is selfish and too set in her ways.

In calling a spade, a spade – I tried to evaluate myself and found out that I didn’t know what it means to be in sync with someone else, I didn’t know how to give space or most importantly learn to forgive but I wanted the things I couldn’t give.

So, I’ve taken a break and I’m learning and loving to be me. To see things from varied perspectives, to make excuses for faults and most importantly allow God school me into becoming the best and excellent me I can be. Not easy but I’m living and taking each day as it comes.

Funny, I hardly worry anymore, cos when it comes I push it out of my mind and allow God do my thinking and infuse me with His word meditating day and night. The end result is joy and the best years of my life. I’m enjoying being single, I take myself out, make awesome independent decisions, plan for my future family and finally got to the point that I know I can’t settle for less in a man. Being single is an understudy program of some sort, you eliminate things you don’t want and take up things and add them to life’s to do list.

So there’s my answer, see you on Day 2. Express you in the comment box.
Stay in God. Peace, love, bisou bisou

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