To continue from where I stopped yesterday, I want to share what I learnt from Bishop TD Jakes about types of friends:

•••> THE CONFIDANT: This type believes in your dream and exists to fulfil it in very few number; they love you unconditionally and are in it for the long haul. You won’t get to your destination till you find your confidant. A person who can feel for (sympathy) and with (empathy) you and make sure you achieve your goal no matter what. You can count on them to hold on to you no matter what.

•••> THE COMRADE: This type is not for you but are for what you are against. They are only there for a while to fulfil a purpose, and will leave after a while. Never really with you in the first place, team up to fight a greater enemy (strange bed fellows). They are like scaffolding (a temporary structure that supports the building but are removed once the building is strong enough to stand on its own).

•••> THE CONSTITUENT: This type is not into you but into what you are for. They labour with you till they get their agenda and further it. If you are broken, you can mistake your constituents for your confidants.

Expect the last two to leave and desert you, because they were never meant to be there for the long haul. Which are you? What category will you place that person you call friend?

based on TD Jakes 3 types of friends


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