I Digress with a name

I don’t know how I feel today, I just know I want to write about something important to me. I’m gonna digress a little, blog names are a crucial determinant that give people a sneak peek of what you stand for and what one is all about.
My blog used to be TWILIGHT TILL DAWN until it became SCARLET LETTER – even though, some haven’t watched or read the book about scarlet letter”, some of us may have heard about it and if you haven’t, you should google it. Over time in the course of my being I felt judged even by people I deemed to be my friends and it became something that suffocated me; that spurred me to have a name change. I didn’t feel all dawny anymore, I just felt judged. There’s this friend of mine, Efe’s his name – I finally got to understand what the name of his blog 19TH STREET stood for, I had been pining to ask him but the answer came yesterday.  So read with me, you’ll understand what I mean, follow too. He happens to be on a journey and writes really well. He’s a brainiac! Next post coming up soon, you may want to read or share my thoughts.


Hey you, I'm happy you are reading my blog. If you have any comment or advice, email me - tinuolaidowu@ymail.com

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