Normal whatsapp convo goes:
ME: I love you
OTHER: I know you do, that’s why I’ve been avoiding anything happening between us
ME: *confused look* Uhn?
OTHER: well, you said you loved me.

*rewinds tape, pauses*

Now, everyone take a chill pill …
I said I love you doesn’t mean I’m in this deep emotional rut situation where all I do is stare at the TV like a love sick puppy wishing for *inserts name* get it? I just love you like children love Yogi bear or Mickey mouse, Ben 10 or Dora the explorer (pardon my cartoon clichés, I’m a teacher).
Clearly, this love thing has been seriously misunderstood and I mean seriously. Now, come sit with me people …
You know love is the most clichéd misused and mis-interpreted word alive. Yet people still fall for its charm. Just say I love you and it’s like a faucet’s been opened; you’d think with the way the word has been misappropriated, people will learn to laugh it off but no – it has made people fall, it is making people fall and it will still make people fall.
For me though, if I tell you I love you, I can mean one of the four things:

♡ You are like a brother or sister to me and I cannot imagine a family without you. Which means I have brother/sister zoned you; for the life of me, you cannot begin to think that I will ever kiss you in that case. I mean you are FAMILY and that will be nothing short of INCEST on all levels. So you can call what I have for you then STORGE a.k.a affection (brotherly or sisterly) you hear how churchy that sounds. Cool!

♡ You are my friend and we’ve grown so much to this level where I can comfortably say ‘I Love You’ because I would have understood then that you cannot judge me or misinterpret that love, you feel it too, you show it and exercise it on a daily basis – like my well being is yours and vice versa. You can call that kind of love PHILEO a.k.a friendship.

♡ Now we have the romance a.k.a EROS, it is this kind of love that permits me to behave like an irrational human. Not eating or sleeping and gawking at you like you are some kind of god come down to earth to save me. You know like the Superman/Louis Lane, Spiderman/Mary Jane, Batman/Catwoman kind of story. I should probably be specific so you’ll know what I really mean.

♡ Now, there are some people on this earth that have been there for me through thick and thin, they exist in my family and outside of it – and when I say ‘I Love You’ to them, I mean the no-holds-bar kind of love. I can do anything for them, it comes to the point they’ll ask for my air and I’d totally give them. For these ones I have the AGAPE a.k.a charity for, the unconditional love, the kind God has for us. It exist on earth for the right kind of people.

So there, please do not misunderstand me if I say I love you and sometimes or most times I will feel like saying it because I’m a real mush; and in the heat of the moment can just blurt out stuff; just do me the favour of asking me to clarify what I mean. I won’t be embarrassed I promise but if you hold on to my common speech and we haven’t passed that level, I will however, albeit painfully deny you.

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