I’m just as bad as you think I am

I’m probably as bad as you think me to be
I am the devil you see
Created in the image of darkness
The exception to the rule
Instead of dominion, I was created to cause pain, anger and stir hatred in the hearts of men
I am condemned, an outcast
“That girl ehn; she is…”
“That boy shay; Don’t mind him”
Please by all means cast your stones and not just stones this time but rocks that kill at first strike
Like I said, I’m as bad as you think I am
Please cut me off, release me, let me out of your life
I am a dastard fellow completely void of the same emotions you feel
When you love, I hate
When you show kindness, I seek blood
Didn’t you know?
I thought you did and that’s why you feel so strongly against me
Of course, I love to be rejected; I mean who doesn’t?
especially by people of same likeness
Don’t bother to draw me closer, it’s one of those things
You have to bite and cuss with judgment
The road I walk on is wide
You guessed right, I have destructive tendencies
Maybe going six feet under will be an epiphany
Am I human, I even doubt that – I was formed an alien
From the planet of Clark Kent
I walk around daily with the green kryptonite so blame me not that I can’t fight my heinous sins
*runs to Jesus* Lord, they have cast their stones, don’t bother writing on the sand

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    1. Definitely and that’s the whole point of this. It doesn’t just speak for me but speaks to every other person.


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