What do I say

So many words to say so little time
I should speak to you I presume of love lost and found
But i find that my strength wanes and I lose all courage
I watch your mouth move as it speaks the words i cannot
Each day I awaken with the hope that you will see right through me
Each day the words fail me
Here is my heart, written down
With words that can be erased and used to break me to pieces
Do I seek a promise?
I ask myself but I do not even know the answer to that
I want a little of your courage, of the heart that seeks but dares not ask
I want all of you but should I mouth the words, I fear my mind will be in disarray
What shall I say to you?


Hey you, I'm happy you are reading my blog. If you have any comment or advice, email me - tinuolaidowu@ymail.com

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