The innocence plays across my features
The childlikeness that I keep hidden from the world
Lost in the trance of the beautiful ocean
And it’s peaceful glaze
Can you see the reflection in my eyes?
How they translate to tears

I am lost for want of something so pure
Threatening to bind my heart to its string
It bids me come and says my soul is his to take
I throw pebbles in the ocean, not counting
But in each pebble, I speak my heart
I kiss each hoping it finds the one to whom it belongs

Where are you?
Where did you go?
Have you gone far from me again?
Are you going to return to me this time?
Dear one, my pain is yours to take
Like the promise of the rainbow, renew my hope

Do not leave me with this feeling
Do not cast my heart in despair
I am my lover’s only one
I am joy’s only elixir
Leave me with my innocence and pardon my existence
Broken and forsaken, I plead for you to stay



    1. I see you’re God centred, it’s nice. Hope, this post didn’t deceive you like it did some. Go through the blog, you might find what you like. Thanks for visiting.


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