The Gift

I glanced up and I saw them, they each had a gift wrapped in their hands
I resisted to urge to look them in the eye for fear of what I saw there and as they advanced, I was terrified. I wouldn’t accept what they had to offer, they asked to share my baggage and I refused
I shouted and screamed for them to stop coming that my ghosts were too much for them to handle. They left, I wasn’t happy to see them leave but I was glad to watch them go, each taking back what they had brought
I was meant to feel the relief but bile fought for its place in my chest, I was attacked and defeated at the same time
I knelt and whispered delirious nonsense, saying prayers to no one in particular, the warmth drained from my eyes and in its place was delusion
I was unaware of their return and as they bent down to comfort me, I could feel the sun rise, the hope of a new day, I looked up to ask them why and I was surprised they had brought back their gifts
They asked again to share my burden, slowly, reunctantly I gave in and taking upon themselves they split it, each not bothering to saddle me with the weight of my own load – in return they gave me the gift they had with them
I glanced up to thank them but they had crossed a far distance; as I unwrapped to see what they each had given, my heart was filled with so much happiness I thought it would burst, my spirit was lifted and my heart fluttered – they had given the same gift but each threatening to surpass the other; it was a box of nothing
As I stood up puzzled by this strange gift, I realized they had brought not a gift for the moment but one to last a lifetime.
The gift of friendship and love

Dedicated to Efe and Ara



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