Yes, I tell a lot of people I am crazy because not being crazy sounds crazy – how can anyone not be crazy.

I am COMMITTED – as much as I hate to attest it, that’s the life blood of any social, intellectual, emotional, physical and ultimately spiritual relationship. Let’s be real here commitment is telling yourself that you decided to surrender yourself and give up your rights and privileges to selflessly attend to another. A rite of passage that brings the understanding that you will be HERE even when others aren’t remembering that ‘he that endures to the end shall be saved’.

I am REASONABLE – wisdom in all ways is profitable to direct in any situation. How can you exist in this world and not be reasonable. If you miss out on information, find out and learn. Be informed about everything because you never know when the cards will be thrown to you and in that instant, your mind has to work for you.

I am AMIABLE – yes, I keep peace with all men because that’s what I know to do. Grudges, malice and all the rest is more headache and costlier than a sane sometimes diplomatic relationship with everyone.

I am ZEALOUS – I have undeniable passion for everything I do, I am so enthusiastic about the least important thing that you cannot even begin to imagine. I live life on the high and if I don’t feel passion, then I don’t venture because there is no sustaining anything unless you feel deeply about it. Therefore, I am passionate to the point of astounding myself and that makes me feel very alive and thankful that I wake up to see the next day.

I am YOUTHFUL – there is no time like the present so I live for the moment and enjoy myself. I live life with no regrets, do things that I set my mind out to do, I have little or no regrets and the little I have is I probably because I didn’t enjoy myself enough or just didn’t take a chance. I take chances and love the good and bad that comes from it. The good makes it worthwhile, the bad makes a good lesson so I am grateful for all moments and live life easy.

So I am happy to be crazy because it makes me soulful and young; and I would rather have that than a drab life that existed but didn’t live.


Dedicated to Adekemisola – for the countless times you have called me crazy (be CRAZY gal!!!)


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  1. Here’s Adekemisola, the dedicatee… I’m blushing (or should I be?). Well, I still know you’re the craziest person I know but its better now cos I tend to see things from your perspective these days. P.S, thanks for this guide on living life!


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