The Teacher 9

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 9 of The Teacher Series. If you missed out on any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


- Greg Emuze


11:32pm; Sun.

Tari looked around as he stepped into the house. Dan had returned, the place was not the same way he’d left it. He stepped into Dan’s room, hearing the shower running, he called out. A female voice answered – “He’s on the balcony”. Tari considered saying “Thank you.” or something curt, but decided against it and left the room. The moment he drew the sliding door aside, the smell hit him. “’Sup?” Dan said. “I dey” he replied. “You look stressed.” Dan said, blowing rings into the night air. “I am.” Tari said sliding the glass door shut behind him. “Take the load off your feet, man,” Dan said, patting the cane chair…

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The Teacher 8

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Hi, there.

This is Episode 8 of The Teacher Series. If you missed out on any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———-> The Teacher Series


- Greg Emuze


1:39pm; Sun.

June rolled out of bed, landing her naked body on the rug. She looked up at the wall clock then blinked for a second take. She could not believe she’d been asleep for over 8 hours. She searched for her phone frantically, finally finding it inside the left leg of her sneakers. These night shows were beginning to take it’s toll on her, but she knew she was paying her dues towards the big leagues. Only the sappy romantics and insomniacs in search of love listened and called in to the night show in her opinion. She could not bring herself to empathise with them, because often enough, the solutions were starring them…

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The Teacher 7



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Hi, folks.

This is the 7th episode in the series “The Teacher”. Do enjoy and, please, let me have your thoughts on it.


- Greg Emuze.


8:54am; Sat.

“Bad guy.” Dan said as Tari walked into the house. Dan struck a pose in his briefs, one of his camera’s hanging around his neck, while the girl he had come home with in the early hours of the day, took pictures of him with the other camera. Tari ignored him and headed to his room. He lay on the bed. June’s scent still lingered. He accepted the fact that he liked it, she smelt pretty amazing, felt amazing too. He’d only held back from taking things further last night because he didn’t want to come across like he was taking advantage of her. They’d had pizza and beer sitting on the balcony, gisting about life and stuff, catching laughs and looking…

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The Teacher


This is a new series started by my friend, and relationship “expert” Greg. He is a prolific writer and y’all should follow his blog and his handle too @detonate – Be warned though, he thrives in suspense.

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Hi, Folks.

This is the first episode of the series titled The Teacher. I do hope you enjoy it.

- Greg Emuze


She was a teacher. That was all.

All her dreams of working with a consulate, tours across Europe and other countries where  the languages she spoke so fluently were spoken had all kind of been frozen and locked away somewhere. Life had happened and kept happening. All that mattered to her now was staying alive, paying her bills and keeping her job as a language teacher in the Secondary School where she taught. The pay was decent, the kids were mostly well brought up and ambitious children of the very rich and she had the luxury of a staff quarters. She loved her apartment, it was quaint and had been furnished by the school. She had lived there alone for slightly over a year before June, her school-daughter from her days at…

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My fake life

A lot of my friends laugh at me because in their own words,  Pulchae’s blog is centered on love and relationships. My response has been constant – Life is based on relationships and so am I,

Today, I had to ponder on the ingenuity of people in our society, I can’t say it’s all over the world but it operates mostly in places that have people who have structured their mindsets to suit the traditional without giving way to the uncoventional; to borrow from the Good book, they are still putting “new wine into old wineskin” which is a colossal disaster from the get go.

I was faced with the allegation of having the worse character today, while I didn’t deny it, I couldn’t defend it either because let’s face it, I have been terrible before I knew what terrible meant – I live a life that is plagued by unintended miscalculations; and in having a lot of physicians who tend mostly to character as a specialization, I cannot agree to the fact that I am ill from within and rightly so – my charactologists have prescribed a healthy dose of truth telling friends instead of sycophants and boot lickers who have graced my abode. I should be venting more than this because I am beyond pissed; but I’ve learnt to pick my battles, and to gauge the atmosphere.

Wet Sunday

Hooded in neon pink
Dainty feet masked by cyan toes
Enveloped by designer slippers
Dark shade of blue, her covering
Goes the raindrops
As her slippers go squish squash against the rain
Splashing everywhere
Puddles all over
The darkened sky plays peek-a-boo
Her hand curled to form a fist
Deep in the shadows
The rain caresses her face
Like a lover slowly mapping out the
Silhouette of the beloved
Underneath it all, her innocence
Held in a clasp
A story behind her eyes
She smiles
As she ascends gracefully


This Is What This Is

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When I started this blog, Future New Yorker, I didn’t really have a purpose for it except to occasionally keep an online journal and maybe force myself out of my comfort zone as far as my writing was concerned. Well, it grew and became much more than that. Apart from housing my Random Musings, FNY has become for me an opportunity to share my life and my faith.
During my hiatus, I began asking myself if I really wanted to come back to this space. I worried that it had probably outgrown its use. I’d also been thinking about taking my art seriously and wanted a different space to share that. I prayed about it but didn’t hear anything definite concerning the direction in which to take this blog. I also didn’t feel at peace about shutting it down completely. So I came back… Still wondering what the next step…

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